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les fonctionnalités envisagé pour la v6

Features listed:

This is a *preliminary* summary of V6 feature improvements:

Quick Color

- See Raw RGB Bayer-encoded images in color instead of monochrome

- Uses nearest-neighbour decode for speed

- Does not degrade dark subtraction, etc., since image is not actually modified

- User must still perform Convert Color prior to image processing and for

optimum quality

Narrowband image blending tool

- Stack arbitrary number of images planes

- Choose wavelength match for each filter band

- Can insert same filter multiple times for multiple wavelength blending

Major upgrade to Photometry command

- Group-based analysis similar to Stack tool

- Multispectral analysis

- Unlimited input files

- Reject images based on quality

- Astrometric or auto star match star identification

Support for PinPoint V6

- integration for all-sky solving

- UCAC4 support

- Hot pixel detection and removal for more robust solving

- Improved point-spread function fitter

- Deprecated support for obsolete catalogs GSC (non-corrected) and USNO SA 2.0

- Now "modeless", allowing the PinPoint dialog box to remain open when

switching images, using other commands, etc.

ASCOM Switch control

- Control hardware switches such as power, lights, reboot equipment, etc.

Observatory webcam integration

- Live view of inside of observatory via webcam

- Switch control panel (handy for operating lights etc.)

Built-in Davis weather station support

- Display current weather status

- Add weather information to image FITS headers

Built-in Boltwood Cloud Sensor support

- Display current weather status

- Add weather information to image FITS headers

Automated equipment shutdown capability

- Triggers include:

- Sunrise

- Civil, nautical, or astronomical twilight

- Target low

- Loss of autoguiding (clouds etc.)

- Cloud sensor warning

- Perform shutdown sequence:

- Shutdown cameras

- Park telescope

- Park and close dome

Multi-star autoguiding

- Average measurements of multiple stars to reduce effect of seeing

Support for SBIG Differential Guider accessory

- Flexure-free autoguiding with separate guide scope

Single or dual axis dither operation

- Avoid triggering mount stiction cycles

Automatic script execution on Expose command

- Option to save image prior to modifications or after modifications

- Handy for running "quick look" filters on faint images, etc.

Automatic pointing refinement using PinPoint

- Takes pointing exposure to verify telescope position

- Resynchronizes automatically

- Centers target precisely

Automated pier flipping

- Detect telescope approaching limit

- Pause imaging sequence

- Flip telescope over pier

- Automatic pointing refinement

- Relocate guide star

- Continue image sequence

Bookmark locations on the sky

- Right Ascension and Declination

- Rotator angle

- Save current telescope position

- Load current solved position

- Goto bookmark

- Load and save bookmarks

User can hide unused Observatory Window tabs

- Only see tabs for equipment that you are actually using

Simulated Telescope Park

- Slew telescope to park position

- Turn off sidereal tracking

ASCOM device threading

- All telescope, dome, focuser, and rotator interfaces are now fully threaded

- Keeps the user interface more responsive

- Prevents user interface lockup if device driver locks up

Enhanced camera interfaces

- Camera downloads are now threaded

- Eliminates user interface delays during download

More image processing filter options

- Save fit profiles in Flatten Background

- Gaussian Blur option added Unsharp Mask and Digital Development

Redesigned Calibration Wizard for quick and easy calibration frame setup

Many other minor enhancements and "under-the-hood" improvements



En gros une grosse partie des manques qui on inspiré le logiciel de FELOPAUL (MaxPilot) sont désormais comblés.

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