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  1. On the link to the new version I am getting you can not get the version. I’m getting a You can not view this forum error.
  2. Did you ever get a chance to test this with focusmax? I have a robofocus belt drive set up for a lens I want to use (it works manually) but have been unsuccessful in getting focusmax to see stars to focus on. Dave
  3. I’ll try the new version. That’s for all the work on this. I have gotten everything to work except one thing which is a major stumbling block. After my session the images saved on the camera are JPEG instead of raw files. I did imaging last night just using a simple intervelometer for triggering images and it saved as expected in raw images. The camera is set to save raw only. Anyone run into this?
  4. I found the answer after trying 2 different machines. I actually found this in another thread in another forum so I thought I should mention it here. The remote application in the camera was an older version. As soon as I updated it it worked! I connected to Prism and the SkyX w camera control and Maxim DL. With Maxim dL I had errors about no active Pinpoint so it would connect but not activate the shutter.
  5. I have turned off all firewall protection (Domain, Home, Public) I am running Windows 7 64bit I can ping the camera on the IP address you gave so I'm connected. Here's an image showing Ping, the Link you gave and ASCOM setup.
  6. Sorry for the reply in English. Despite taking French in High School my ability is very poor. I've tried everything in the tutorial multiple times. I can connect to LiveView on my iPhone, the 7S is running 3.20. I have the newest ASCOM, Maxim and Prism to try to connect. The Smart Remote Embedded shows Connecting... with a spinning circle endlessly. The computer seems to pass the password correctly and asks if this is a Home network, Public or Business. I've tried all but Public. Once I launch Prism or Maxim DL and try to connect the connecting screen ends and the camera goes to live
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