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Changements dans v2.4.0 (pour info nous avions pas incrimenté les changement de la 2.3, il y a donc en plmus des ces changement d'autre améliorations, non reférencées

• l'amélioration du guidage

  o suivi de l'étoile de guidage amélioré près du bord du cadre

  o Des améliorations majeures sur l'auto-découverte étoiles, étoiles doubles et évitant étoiles saturés, et une meilleure réjection des pixels hauds

o Meilleures détection de variation de la masse de l'étoile

  o processus de calibrage amélioré pour mieux recentrer l'étoile guide à sa position de départ

  o Nouvelle option pour forcer l'axe perpendiculaire sur DEC AD (aide étalonnage pour grande erreur périodique)

  o Amélioration de la récupération du guidage après une aquisition

  o la performance en fentrage est ameliorée

• alertes proactives pour les soucis communs

  o contrôles et rapports problème du calibrage

  o notification de limites Max AD et DEC

• Le support des périphériques:

  o Amélioration de la résilience au matériel bloqué ou coincé

 PHD ne sera plus se bloqué si des dispositifs cessent de répondre ou ne parviennent pas à se connecter

  o -si j'ai bien compris ;) - permet la bascule sur le port Aux des drivers ASCOM qui ne gère pas les commandes PulseGuide, comme EQMOD

  o SX-AO vérification de firmware

  o caméras Zwo Améliorations de la prise en charge des drivers natif

• Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  o outil de suivi Comète

• Amélioration des messages d'état

• améliorations de Guide Connexion

• Amélioration de l'enregistrement de débogage

• mises à jour de fichiers d'aide

• Internationalisation

  o Autoriser les caractères non-ASCII dans les noms de fichiers lorsque sauvegarde / chargement des fichiers FITS

  o Nouveles traductions japonais, polonais et russes

• améliorations de l'outil d'alignement polaire

• améliorations du calcul d'étalonnage

• améliorations carte des mauavis pixels

• Meilleur contrôle de PhD2 par applications d'imagerie tiers

• le répertoire de dark et default n'est plus situe dans le dossiers mes documents

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ci dessous les améliorations des version précédente, (anglais)

Changes in v2.3.1 •Wizard interface for setting up a new equipment profile

•Ability to get scope pointing information from an ASCOM mount connection while using an ST-4 interface to guide

•Updated native ZWO camera support for Windows and OSX

•A window for displaying guiding statistics

•Drift align tool improvements

•Dark library and bad-pixmap bug fixes and improvements

•Performance improvements

•Star auto-selection improvements

•Star SNR calculation improvements

•Event server API improvements

•Graph window improvements

•Guide log improvements

•Updated translations

•Help file updates

Changes in v2.3.0 •New Features

◦Bad Pixel Maps: a new method for identifying and removing hot and cold pixels, as an alternative to dark frames - contributed by David Ault and Bruce Waddington

◦A simplified user interface for building and maintaining a dark frames library - contributed by Bruce Waddington

◦Performance improvements: faster 3x3 median, plus some small image processing efficiency improvements

◦New guide log entries have been added for focal length, pixel size, declination, calibration hour angle, and side-of-pier when the information is available (ASCOM mounts); the lock position is now recorded in the guide log when it is changed with nudge lock position tool

◦An updated help file, updated tool tips, improved debug log messages, and some small cosmetic improvements in the UI

◦Support for shifting the lock position at a fixed rate for diferential flexure compensation or comet tracking; the feature currently requires a 3rd party app, such as Laurent Schmitz's FlexTerminator

◦usability enhancements

◾Do not display polar align error on graph unless dec guide mode is set to Off

◾Display a warning when the AO simulator is connected and the camera is not the Camera Simulator

◾allow File=>Save Image when looping exposures

◦A Simplified Chinese translation contributed by Linkage

◦An Auto exposure option to automatically adjust exposure time to different guide stars or varying sky conditions

◦Auto-find-star reliability enhancements (mostly related to sub-frames), and improved reliability starting guiding for PHD server clients, like SGP

◦Native support for ZWO cameras - contributed by Robin Glover, author of SharpCap

•Bug Fixes

◦fix failure to auto-load dark frames after Save Darks

◦OSX: Fix crash when PHD2 is started after the target window was displayed

◦Windows: suppress pop-up message when SSAG driver registry key is not found

◦Fix problem with title bar not being updated correctly when guide log is enabled/disabled

◦Mac: fix problem with 'b' key not working in drift tool notes window

◦Fix boundary pixel handling for median and average noise reduction filters when subframes are in use

◦fix a crash when socket server command AUTOFINDSTAR is called before an exposure has been taken

◦QHY5L: allow updating both exposure duration and gain before capturing the frame, rather than one update per frame - contributed by Rob Cormack

◦Mac: firewire camera fix - contributed by Ben

◦add an option to disable slewing check for ASCOM mounts, as a workaround for mounts that incorrectly report slewing

Changes in v2.2.2a (Windows only) •Fix problem with PHD2 not being able to run on Windows XP

•Eliminate dependency on MS Visual Studio 2010 C++ Runtime components

Changes in v2.2.2 •A new Adjust Lock Position dialog, replaces "Enter Manual Lock Pos"

•Errors and warnings during capture or guiding no longer pop up a modal message dialog box. A less intrusive alert is displayed at the top of the image window.

•New options to plot Star Mass and Star SNR on the graph

•A new German language translation

•Updated French translation•The Drift Align Tool's polar alignment circle is now sized to account for site location and alignment star coordinates (ASCOM scopes only)

•PHD2 will now work with both the original (v2) or newer (v4) Orion Strashoot Autoguider drivers on Windows without running Orion's PHD2 updater program, SSAGPHD2UPDATE.

•For some mounts, PHD2 can detect when the mount is slewing and stop guiding when slewing is detected

•More AO-related information in event server events

•Better handling of ASCOM pulse guide failures, including a workaround for a Gemini2 bug that was causing PHD2 to hang when the mount fails to complete a guide pulse

•Use multi-threaded capture for LE Webcams and QHY5II cameras

•New read delay setting for LE webcams

•Fix for RTS/DTR signal handling for LE serial webcam, with a new Cam dialog for configuring this signal.

•Mac: update to latest SBIG Driver library

•Parallel port webcams allow connecting on non-standard port addresses

•Fixes a problem where distance could be reported incorrectly immediately after a dither, primarily affecting Nebulosity users, Issue 255 in the issue tracker.

•The search region box is now sized correctly when the image window is resized.

•Fix bookmarks menu toggle item sometimes not being updated when bookmarks are shown

Changes in v2.2.1 •The Advanced Settings window (the Brain) can now be opened at any time, even when guiding (with "unsafe" options disabled)

•Fast recovery of guiding after dither

•Improved layout of controls on the Graph when the window is narrowed

•AO improvements

•Drift Align tool improvements, and the simulator can now be used to practice drift alignment

•Bookmark commands are now available from the menu

•Mac: disable App Nap for PHD2 on OSX 10.9

•Mac: added support for KWIQGuider

•Image logging fixes

•Updated French translation

•More detailed error reporting for ASCOM camera errors

Changes in v2.2.0 since PHD2 Beta 3 (v2.1.3a): • Changes to improve reliability of interaction with Sequence Generator Pro

• Fix a bug where it was impossible to disconnect an SXAO without exiting PHD2

• Update about dialog to point to new home page URL

• Use subframes during looping and calibrating. When looping, click outside the subframe to switch back to full frames.

• Performance improvements

• Changes to focal length and pixel size in the calibration step calculator are reflected on other tabs in the brain

• Fix a potential hang or crash accessing an invalid memory address when finding star near edge of image

• Fix some spelling errors in debug log messages

• Fully rewritten Help files

• Fixed typos in tooltips

• Manual guide dialog can now adjust guide pulse duration and can dither

• Fixed display of declination in calibration restore dialog

• Updated logging code

• Disable/re-enable sticky lock position when Drift Align Tool is run

• Windows installer installs VC++ 2010 runtime when needed

• "Mini-brain" on graph displays controls in one or two rows depending on window width

• Fixed number of decimal places for camera pixel size in Brain

• Updated French translation

• Provide access to the ASCOM Camera and Mount setup dialogs in the Connect Equipment window

• Automatically save the image when Auto-Select fails

• Do not retain guide log file unless something was actually logged

• Fix possible crash when RA/Dec overlay is selected and no mount is connected

• Restore Calibration dialog shows useful stuff about what is being restored

• Update to wxWidgets-3.0.0

• Mac: renamed app from PHD to PHD2

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