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When you wish to know how confortable a sleeping bag is, call as being a persons Pop-sicle and Mr. Metabolic rate, then watch the insulation fly.

When night falls inside the backcountry, strange unpredicted unexpected things happen to apparently normal people. You wouldn't understand it by their mild-mannered on-the-trail attitude, however, many hikers become temperamental snoozers who have trouble getting comfortable inside the bag. They are that which you call "warm sleepers" and "cold sleepers."

Whether it is [levels] F or 60 [levels] F, the great and comfy sleeper will get hotter his bag as being a jalapeno pepper fires up a Tex-Mex burrito. Most nights the zipper reaches half-mast and also the arms are out trying to catch some awesome air and how to buy a sleeping bag.

The cold sleepers will be the metabolically challenged folk who, despite hot-water bottles strategically put into their sleeping-bags, still awaken shivering at 4 a.m.

So with such troubled sleepers in your thoughts, we setup search engine optimization test of 15 [levels] F sleeping-bags just a little differently. Along with our nitty-gritty, lower-and-dirty reviews, you might have recommendations from testers whose metabolic peculiarities come under among four sleeper profiles: warm-sleeping man, warm-sleeping lady, cold-sleeping man, and cold-sleeping lady. To gauge your nightime-temperature quotient, match yourself to one of the tester profiles scattered throughout. Then consider the merchandise critiques and hone on models with shapes, sizes, featuring that fit your requirements. If you're that rare normal sleeper who's never too warm or freezing, continue with the reviews and ratings chart.

With regards to bags, we'd have loved to check on mummies that could handle the very best nights in the average backpacker's typical hiking season: springtime through early winter. In lots of areas meaning a bag rated to 15 [levels] F. To narrow the region we looked for that lightest (under 3 1/2 pounds) and lots of affordable (under $250) models. In the eight that made the cut, two are filled with lower, five have Polarguard 3D insulation, then one uses Thermolite Extreme. All can be found in no less than two lengths.

Test crew compiled 200 nights inside the bags, generally sleeping inside camping camping tents on full-length, self-inflating sleeping pads. Testing locations ranged within the Adirondacks in New You'll be able to to Alaska to Mt. Hood and Rainier. Evening temperatures varied from single digits for the mid-40s.

Listed below are the reviews in order of efficiency.


This 600-fill-power lower bag, that will come in men's (Lewis) and women's (Georgia) sizes, earned top honors due to its dependable warmth and weatherproofing, smart detailing, and rock-solid construction. Paul described it a "workhorse without any major problems," and Kristin referred to as it "the bag I'd trust most to acquire me using a week of 15 [levels] F weather."

Testers were impressed while using bag's sizing, tallying it offered the best combination of contouring and layering space. Kristin likened the hood to "a custom-made pocket i believe,Inch as well as the whole crew gave a sizable thumbs-towards the small draft collar that circles the facial skin opening like the fur ruff by having an arctic parka. This collar seals out drafts, and also, since it sits relating to the face as well as the drawcord, it prevents the cord from biting for your face.

The Pertex covering provided top-notch defense against drizzle, spindrift, and condensation. (The feet from the bag features a slightly heavier covering material.) After wet nights in the bivy sack and within tarp, Paul and i also noted that moisture stored beading round the shell's surface extended after our partners' bags started absorbing water.

To top things off, the Lewis/Georgia fluffs up fast and stuffs into this kind of small bundle that we could cram it plus a three-quarter-length self-inflating pad to the sleeping-bag compartment of my 5,000-cubic-inch pack.

Primary point here: Tough, warm, and ridiculously compact, this bag need to keep the particular cold out well to the next century.



Another lightweight dynamo that packs away up to 50 % a maximum of a couple of from the synthetic bags inside the test, the Expedition wowed warm and cold sleepers alike. Filled with 725-fill-power lower, it fat as being a souffle with only a few shakes and stored on lofting after several launderings as well as other nights inside the field.

The Expedition's lofting power changed into luxurious warmth. Paul reported the bag felt like "a light, warm cocoon" along with him overheating when the temperature showed up at 40 [levels] F. Despite my cold-sleeping proclivities, I came across myself unzipping on several 20 [levels] F nights. Having less a draft collar gave Kristin and Melissa an periodic shiver, but nobody thought it affected the temperature rating.

The bag was plenty extended with plenty of room for stowing gear in the foot, but narrow getting a rather snug fit that Melissa and i also felt will be a bit tight inside the legs. Furthermore, it features a terrific hood. Contoured close across the neck and face to lessen drafts, the hood produces a perfect capsule. If you cinch the drawcord tight, the blowhole sits right over your mouth and nose.

Neither Kristin nor I cared much for your small zipper, which regularly snagged the bag's lining, and lots of testers observed a few flying lower that tucked by helping cover their the seams. Another concern was the durability in the lightweight microfiber covering, which didn't rip or tear but elevated queries about just how it could endure sharp objects.

Primary point here: An appropriate, toasty mummy getting a cranium-friendly hood, this 725-fill-power lower bag can be a steal at $239.


The finest-rated synthetic bag inside the test, the Optima scored well in many key groups--loft, warmth, weatherproofing, and roominess--and poorly in none. It received extra praise for warmth from Melissa and Kristin, who thought the yoke-style draft collar trapped heat effectively. Mentioned Kristin, "With this particular greater insulation levels throughout my neck, it felt similar to when Mother familiar with tuck me in throughout the night.In .

Several testers reported what Melissa referred to as Optima's "wet-weather toughness." The covering shed light moisture well, and Paul found he could remove frost with an above average shake or even more. When condensation drenched the ft of my bag, the Polarguard 3D insulation stored my foot so warm that we rested soundly throughout the night.

Kristin, Melissa, and Paul spoken concerning the Optima's fit and generous overall girth. I dissented, choosing the length missing within my 6'6" frame as well as the hood too shallow. It doesn't matter how tightly I cinched the drawcord, the blowhole left my brow uncovered and my mouth covered.

Testers complimented several small details choose a sleeping bag, like the mitten-friendly track of the zipper pulls plus a drawcord that won't "strangle you. However they weren't too deeply in love with the bag's bulk--it barely fit inside the sleeping-bag compartment of my 5,000-cubic-inch pack--and having less a hook-and-loop clasp to keep the zipper from sliding open.

Primary point here: A effective all-around artist, the Optima is ideal for folks of average height who are required a wet-weather insurance policy.


Among the synthetic-fill models, this Polarguard 3D bag ran an in depth second for the Moonstone, delivering comfortable nights (during wet, muggy weather) and lots of loft when moist or dirty. Contentment stems largely within the bag's excellent breathability and wicking action both Melissa and i also noted the graceful lining never made an appearance sticky or sticky.

Appear construction and difficult materials also boosted the 2nd Dimension's score. Paul couldn't identify any insufficient loft, despite putting his bag through seven straight nights inside the field and three journeys using the washer. Melissa recognized the "neat, tight, even stitching" and "abrasion-resistant covering fabric."

What hampered the 2nd Dimension's efficiency were its too-generous sizing and insufficient a draft collar, which made Kristin and me turn to a few old methods--hot-water bottles, layering with extra clothes, and snacking--to stay warm on 15 [levels] to twenty [levels] F nights. Even hot-sleeper Paul observed some sneaking cold. That excess space around the torso requires extra calories to really make it warm, which sapped our internal furnaces. (Warm-sleeping people who don't mind over sleeping a sweater or parka might start to see the size just like a benefit, because filling the extra space will truly extend the bag's range.)


Round the detailing front, we learned that the mesh headnet completely bamboozled the peskiest bugs, though Paul wanted the web was big enough to match inside the ball cap he used to keep the mesh off his face. I was not too interested in the extended, thin stuff sack, which made packing an unpleasant test of strength and coordination.

Primary point here: Built big, created for rainwater, and produced to last, the 2nd Dimension is a superb bet for sturdy folks and warm sleepers who regularly hike in wet environments.


Warmth was rarely a problem with this particular Polarguard 3D bag, despite the possible lack of a draft collar. Between its heaping helping of insulation and fuzzy microfleece lining, this bag stored testers cozy right lower towards the temperature rating. Paul even cracked open the zipper around the 20 [levels] F night to awesome off. I appreciated the nearly immediate loft within a week in Alaska, once i frequently had enter my bag at day's finish to leave snowy, windy weather.

Kristin reported really the only chilly moments, citing some cold spots where the lining collected perspiration and continued to be wet. In dry, cold temperature, the liner performed better, offering good moisture management and excellent next-to-skin comfort.

The Wizard's cut, which Kristin referred to as "conforming while not constricting," certainly favors skinny people. My extended legs may have preferred more thrashing room, and Melissa believe it is too snug throughout, complaining that "the bag felt appreciate it was colored onto my figure.In . The wide but shallow hood also didn't fit quite right, departing a lot of dead air space where it must have contoured carefully across the sides in the mind.

Primary point here: Melissa summarized best: "The Wizard offers a wonderfully warm nest in many weather, but it's suggested to as being a narrow fit."


This Polarguard 3D mummy impressed testers in many groups, but ultimately left us with mixed feelings. It compressed well and breathed a lot better than most, and Kristin and i also both gave it kudos for roominess. "The Serrano offers the ideal fit, getting a wonderfully contoured hood, good width within the shoulders, a relatively dramatic taper using the calves, plus a trapezoidal footbox that allowed my foot plenty of shuffling room, even when I shoved my parka lower there," mentioned Kristin. Paul and Melissa generally agreed, though they were less thrilled while using taper, calling body across the legs "skimpy" and "narrow."

Testers' primary concern with the Serrano was it doesn't insulate sufficiently good to merit more than a 25 [levels] F rating. The cold sleepers started feeling chilled across the freezing point, because the warm sleepers lasted to the mid-20s. Compounding the problem was home loan business loft--thus, insulating power--throughout test. With regards to yoke collar, Kristin and Melissa thought it did an excellent job of trapping heat, but Paul and i also lost an eye on it every time we folded over.

Inside the detailing department, Kristin and i also applauded the straightforward-to-grab zipper pulls and off traffic maintaining your hood drawcord, but we shrugged shoulders in regards to the double-drawcord stuff sack. We're able to not evaluate which the second draw-cord accomplished, aside from to create confusion. The crew also requested the shell's shocking yellow color, which shown every speck of dirt and brought to slow drying occasions on the planet.

One last be worried about durability: Round the sample Paul and i also tested, the corner in the yoke collar began to tear within the seam attaching it for the bag.

Primary point here: By getting yet another 10 [levels] F of insulating power, the snug-fitting Serrano is a strong competitor within this subject.


Filled with Thermolite Extreme, this bag was most likely probably the most compressible in the synthetics, different types of sleeping bags packing in to a stuff sack that suit in to the sleeping-bag compartment from the midsize internal-frame pack. Furthermore, it breathed perfectly, rarely feeling muggy or sticky, probably because the insulation doesn't seem to become packed as densely inside this bag just like a lot of the others.

Regrettably, the insulation also exhibited minimal loft inside the test, which converted having a teeth-chattering nights. Kristin noticed that the Thermo Pod "looked more pancake-like the longer We used it, and compelled me to bundle in fleece on nights when the temperature dipped to the mid-20s." Apart from warm-sleeping Melissa, we agreed this bag is way better appropriate for just two 1/2-season adventures. This finding, cheap this bag was the second heaviest inside the test, considered heavily around the overall ratings.

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  • Avexiens

Pas vraiment d'idée sur la question... mais je doute que cela soit protégé car de mémoire canon fournit les batteries et le cable secteur, donc pas de raison de se protéger à outrance.

Pour éviter cette situation, j'avais acheté le câble 220V/7,5V tout fait.

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le 40D n'est pas une idée (j'en ai eu un que j'ai revendu).

J'ai malheureusement eu le même pb que toi avec mon (feu) 350D.

La réparation risque de couter cher car c'est plus de temps de main d'oeuvre que le prix de la carte.

MAis tu peux quand même passer un coup de fil a Canon Courbevoie pour savoir ce qu'ils en pense.

J'ai toujours été super bien servi. mais pour un 350D ... ?

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